Thursday, 30 June 2016

The only way is to publicly fund hate - Abbott says plebiscite "only way"

Abbott has crawled out from his cesspool and backed his plebiscite captains call on marriage equality. He says it's the "only way" to get marriage equality, despite the much more easily and constantly suggested way of the pollies actually doing their job and having a free vote on the issue. You know, that thing the public employs them to do? Pass legislation according to the will of the people?

But alas Abbott is convinced that a publicly funded campaign of hate against the gay minority is the only way to achieve this. Or I'd say he uses code language to say he just want to put more shit on the gays that he feels so "threatened" by.

I would suggest this plebiscite will cost LGBT lives. It's that serious. But hey who cares eh? We're only a bunch of weird poofs anyway. Since when have the Lieberals, particularly Abbott, cared about the lives of a minority? Yes delay delay, send it off to a committee plebiscite, make the gays jump through more meaningless hoops. They don't deserve to have human rights?
Tony Abbott has warned that if the Senate blocks legislation enabling a same-sex marriage plebiscite he believes there should not be a parliamentary vote, at least not in the next term of parliament. 

In comments to Sky News on Wednesday, the conservative former prime minister framed a plebiscite as the only option to achieve marriage equality, in his last pre-election interview, warning proponents of same-sex marriage not to attempt to force a parliamentary vote. 

It comes as Labor and the Greens refuse to rule out blocking a plebiscite, and numerous Senate and lower-house crossbench MPs similarly refuse to commit to allowing a plebiscite. 

Malcolm Turnbull has not said what he would do if the Senate blocked a same-sex marriage plebiscite, setting up a battle with conservative MPs after the election if he proposes a parliamentary vote, or disappointment from marriage equality proponents if he drops the issue, as Abbott suggested. 

Abbott said the public would feel “ripped off” if legislation backing a plebiscite on same-sex marriage fails to pass the new parliament because “something like 80%” of the public back a popular vote. The Guardian   
That 80% "support" for a plebiscite is a bare faced lie. It's only 40% when people know all the details; cost, mental health issues with the LGBT, and the like.  
A plebiscite on any of these issues is no more than a very expensive opinion poll the results of which parliament is free to accept or reject. 

Given these flaws in this survey, the Prime Minister would be well advised not to rely on a "finding" that 70 per cent of Australians support having a plebiscite on marriage equality. 

A more reliable indication of the level of support for a plebiscite on whether same-sex couples should be allowed to marry is the one released on Monday, which shows that only 40 per cent of Australians support having a plebiscite. A very noteworthy, 30 per cent are undecided, while 30 per cent oppose asking the people to vote on this issue. According to this larger sample, considerably more people oppose having a plebiscite, or have yet to make their minds up, than support it. The survey, organised by the Centre for Applied Political Psychology and RealPoll, had almost 3000 participants and all questions related only to the issue of a plebiscite on marriage equality. The Age