Friday, 10 June 2016

GetUp raises $190,000 to get rid of Dopey Dutton

As the article says, to get that in perspective, Labor has spent so far nationwide $500,000 in this campaign. GetUp has raised through donations, $190,000 to spend in Dutton's seat alone to get rid of the moronic fool. That's a pretty good indication of how much he's hated around Australia.
GetUp! is trying to unseat Dutton in the Queensland seat of Dickson, which the controversial government minister holds on a margin of just 6.7% 

It’s believed GetUp! put a call out for donations to fight Dutton and raised more than $190,000 in a few days. 

According to the group, the money is not from a single large donor, but instead, more than 5,200 people gave an average of $38 each. 

A spokesperson told BuzzFeed News the group had organised more than 100 volunteers around Brisbane for the campaign, and that the money would be spent on a big local media blitz. Buzzfeed