Monday, 13 June 2016

Multi-mix NBN causes net nightmares in the Hunter rollout - NBN goes dial up :s

Turnbull's NBN rollout

I wonder how these people might feel about Turnbull spruiking a Facebook debate, when they've been connected to the NBN and had trouble even accessing their email?

Turnbull's latest NBN fiasco has been unfolding in the Hunter here in NSW. It's a test case as the old phone infrastructure is older than anything attempted with the NBN so far. The rollout hasn't gone well, with many people facing technical issues even to the point of the internet slowed down so much as to be unusable dial up.
Mr Jones signed up to the NBN with iiNet last month and has since been receiving speeds “about a tenth” of what he was promised.

His experience stands in contrast to those who have grappled just to connect to the “information superhighway”.

“They are quick to sign you up but once you’re on it, they just leave you to your own devices,” Mr Jones said.

"We basically have dial-up of about 0.3 to 2.8 megabytes per second – that’s what you’d be getting in 1999. You basically can’t use it.”

Mr Jones said he had tried to resolve the issues with iiNet but has not had any success. Newcastle Herald
The problem isn't the NBN itself it seems, but that the NBN is being plastered and mixed in with outdated and old phone technology. My guess is sort of like putting a new part in an old car; it places strain on the surrounding aging parts which then break more readily. These issues would be non-existent with fibre to the home as was Labor's plan. 
Network under extreme pressure: expert 

Independent communications expert Paul Budde expects to see many more instances of NBN customers frustrated by poor internet speeds before the rollout of the network is complete. 

"The underlying problem is that they are trying to patch a new network onto an old network," he said. 

"In an exchange like Hamilton you have copper cables that are 50 or 60 years old and other infrastructure that is maybe 10 or 20 years old. It's impossible to know the quality of the network so it is inevitable that when they start up an upgrade like the NBN, they are going to run into problems. 

"That is the whole problem with the multi-mix technology the government has chosen." 

Federal Member for Newcastle Sharon Claydon said she had been inundated by complaints from NBN customers since the rollout began. 

"The fact that complaints are not isolated to a single service provider suggests the issue sits squarely with the NBN rollout strategy itself," she said. 

"In addition, you have service providers and the NBN continuing to blame each other for the issues, which simply adds to the frustration and distress being experienced by those trying to connect." Newcastle Herald
I dunno how anyone could fix this dogs breakfast the Lieberals have made. Labor has a plan but honestly, how do you unscramble an egg?

I don't think I'll be signing up to Turnbull's NBN straight away when it finally gets here. Might be better to wait a bit for them to iron out the problems. Eastern Sydney has some of the oldest suburbs in Australia.