Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Vote for equality for David and I - AME website shows your candidates stance marriage

Australian Marriage Equality has a great website set up that show all the candidate's views on marriage equality or not in your electorate. All you have to do is put in your post code and both the lower house and the senate candidates are shown.

Please vote for David and I this election. AME email below.
Have you had a chance to find out where your local candidate stands on marriage equality? 

Since sending the below email, hundreds of candidates - a record number - have been in touch to let us know they support equality. And many more voters have visited the site to get informed before they vote on Saturday. 

Our website has now been updated with candidate responses, so please take a moment to review the positions of your candidates: www.vote4equality.org.au 

You can also sign up to our automated Vote4Equality email service which will send you an easy to use PDF reminder of candidate positions just prior to the election on Saturday. 

Make your vote count, and Vote4Equality this election! 

Jay Allen Director | Australian Marriage Equality