Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Treasurer Morrison accuses LGBT of bigotry - claims persecution for anti gay views

In further confirmation that the Lieberals have engaged themselves in some kind of mass psychotic experiment, both Treasurer Scott Morrison and Cort Bernadi are claiming they're persecuted by bigotry over their extremist christian views. Being as the subject matter is about marriage equality, the inference is that the LGBT are being bigots in calling out their views as homophobic and bigoted. 

Staggering. Mind boggling. Almost insane. Morrison is the one who spoke at the extremist Australian Christian Lobby conference in Sydney recently, along with representation from the christian extremist US based Alliance Defending Freedom which Abbott spoke at in New York.

The Australian Christian Lobby is well known as haters of the LGBT. Apparently christianity (according to them) involves an all out war against us, singling us out far and above all other issues. As depicted in this graph of media releases by them in recent times. Almost like they think about gay sex even more than we do. WTF they have against a secular gay marriage is anyone's guess, but we all know how the haters are often projectors of self loathing......

And now Morrison accuses us of bigotry? That he is persecuted? Oh please....... Talk about precious.

When was the last time the gov of the country he was in decided that everyone in that country should take a vote on whether he could marry or not? Has people in his community had their marriage annulled by the gov because of their sexuality, as happened in the ACT the other year? When was the last time anyone in his church was bashed for being straight, and the police didn't care because he was straight? What's the history in Sydney of being chucked off a cliff because you were straight and the police didn't investigate? When was the last time he saw US LGBT people demanding the death of straight christians and the death of those in ICU struggling for life?

It's the hate filled rhetoric of extremist christian conservatives such as him that make it so easy for the haters to latch on to and hate us. It's not even enough to say that christians have LGBT blood on their hands, as indeed some of them want it to be there.
Treasurer Scott Morrison says that people like him, who hold conservative Christian views on same-sex marriage, battle hatred and bigotry similar to that experienced by LGBTI Australians. 

The morning after Labor frontbencher Penny Wong said straight politicians calling for a plebiscite on the issue don't understand homophobia and predicted the public vote would "license hate speech", Mr Morrison said he had personally experienced vitriol for advancing his views. 

And the Treasurer is not the only conservative MP rallying for the traditional marriage cause, with firebrand senator Cory Bernardi using his blog to accuse Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull of providing "implicit support" for attacks on him. 

"Frankly people who have very strong religious views, they have also been subject to ... quite dreadful hate speech and bigotry as well," Mr Morrison told ABC radio on Wednesday morning. 

"I understand the concerns Penny is raising, I know it from personal experience having been exposed to that sort of hatred and bigotry for the views I've taken from others who have a different view to me." 
Mr Morrison, who opposes gay marriage and worships at an American-style Pentecostal church in Sydney, said he was "sensitive" to concerns among LGBTI Australians but expressed "a bigger view" about people's capacity for respectful debate. The Age
Listen to Penny Wong's hate speech claim on the plebiscite here on ABC radio, 11 minutes.