Tuesday, 21 June 2016

#FakeTradie reckons he's real, *pfffft* - a tradie traitor

#FakeTradie Andrew MacRae says he's actually a real tradie, but I would take issue with that. Just because you have a piece of paper doesn't mean you're the real deal. And he reckons he's a metalworker and all, well if he does have a metalworker certificate he's far from a real tradie but more like a tradie traitor.

Before the AMWU merger with the Printing and Kindred Industries Union (PKIU) the PKIU was with the metalworkers union. Printing and metalworkers has been a tough trade to be in. It's hands on and physically demanding and you don't turn up at work with a war chain around your wrist for example. I imagine if the metalworkers at that time decided to support the sort of policies the Lieberals are putting forward in this election, complete with that fake tradie add, it would have been civil war against the metalworkers from the PKIU. 

Simply put, no not in my mind is this MacRae one of us. Fighting on the shop floor for every wage rise. Dealing with management bring in casuals all over the place. Nurse-madding the continual churn of untrained. Fighting for conditions, negotiating in EBA's and sticking together with your mates. This guy isn't a real tradie, he's a tradie traitor.  

That war chain around his wrist.... when was the last time he did a hard day's work? And WTF was he doing being an "electrical supervisor" as a metalworker? What a load of shit. A Lieberal fuckin stooge. 
The man who featured in the Liberal party ad wearing high-vis is Andrew MacRae (right) a ute-driving metalworker and former electrical supervisor, who spoke to Daily Mail Australia's Daniel Piotrowski

Mr MacRae said his friends thought the whole thing was 'hilarious'.

'They're all laughing,' he said out the window of his utility vehicle, chuckling good-naturedly.

Friend Domenico Coviello said Mr MacRae was a Liberal supporter as expected: 'He's definitely betting for the Blues on the Liberal side.

'He's a real tradie - he'd be a fitter-turner [metalworker] but he's an all rounder. He's a good bloke.' Daily Mail
Allrounder is code; jack of all trades and master of none - a general fuckup.

A real tradie would stick up for these people: