Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Gay Vlogger Calum McSwiggan bashed? (updated)

I've been subscribed to his YouTube channel for some time. He's does some very enjoyable and entertaining videos. He's in London, but was visiting the US. 

I'll post a video from him about it when he's up to doing one. I'm not on Instagram so I've linked his Instagram page below the snip (above). 

Strangely, he's been arrested for vandalism with the cops saying he was lying about it all. His arrest pic below :s   His next video should be most interesting.
The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has an affirmative duty to fully investigate all assaults and reports of violence in our community. Deputies from West Hollywood Station responded to and investigated the report by Calum McSwiggan that he was assaulted by three males after leaving a local nightclub early Monday morning. Responding deputies were unable to substantiate the assault. Mr. McSwiggan, who had no visible injuries, was subsequently arrested after deputies observed him vandalizing a car in the 8900 block of Santa Monica Boulevard. After being booked and photographed, Mr. McSwiggan was placed into a cell by himself at West Hollywood Station. Mr. McSwiggan was then observed injuring himself with the handle and receiver to a payphone inside the cell. Medical personnel were summoned and Mr. McSwiggan was transported to a local hospital for treatment. Mr. McSwiggan’s booking photo was taken prior to deputies seeing Mr. McSwiggan injuring himself. That booking photo is attached Towleroad

Update 2: This from one of the three men who walked with him from the pub and saw the whole thing. If it is faked then it certainly does a huge disservice to all those gays who have actually suffered violence and spend years dealing with the consequences of it.

Update 3: He has been charged with filing a false police report