Friday, 17 June 2016

GetUp is going after "The Blockers" - video :)

This is so good. Excellent video from GetUp about the lunar right of the Canberra Lieberals running the whole show there. A bunch of bitter middle aged white unrepresentative swill standing in the way of floodgates of change.

Marriage equality, voluntary assisted death, climate change, Safe Schools, renewable energy, and on and on. While the rest of Australia wants forward momentum on issue these men a blocking and stuck in last century. 
'The Blockers' are a group of MPs who do the bidding of Big Business, the coal lobby and right-wing groups like the Institute of Public Affairs — behind closed doors. 

Their terrifying influence ranges from promoting bigotry, to denying the threat of climate change, to attacking our local schools and hospitals. 

All up, the GetUp community is targeting a dozen MPs we've identified as blockers on our issues. Here are a few facts about some of our key targets: 

Andrew Nikolic (Bass): Nikolic is no household name, but he is a force to be reckoned with in the hard-right of the Liberal Party. In addition to fighting tooth and nail against meaningful climate action, Nikolic remains a staunch Abbott supporter and has a nasty reputation as a bully. 

George Christensen (Dawson): Christensen is one of Parliament's most outspoken and controversial MPs. He's likened the Safe Schools program to peadophile grooming, dismisses anthropogenic climate change as fiction, and has spoken at Reclaim Australia rallies in his very own electorate. 

Peter Dutton (Dickson): Australia's Immigration Minister needs no introduction. Between covering up human rights abuses in offshore detention camps and claiming refugees would simultaneously manage to steal Australian jobs and claim unemployment benefits, Dutton's bigotry attacks the multicultural fabric that holds Australian society together. He was also voted the 'worst health minister' in Australia's history by the Australian Medical Association. 

Other Blockers GetUp members have in their sights include: Brett Whiteley (Braddon), Jamie Briggs (Mayo), Michael Sukkar (Deakin), Barnaby Joyce (New England), Luke Hartsuyker (Cowper), and Kevin Andrews (Menzies). GetUp