Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Please think of our war veterans - our gov doesn't (video)

I do miss YouTube when it doesn't connect because of Turnbull. I have rather a back log now and just picking off bits and pieces from my subscriptions. And then I stumbled into this gem.

The forgotten of wars, in last decades stupid wars mostly of US making. Our "enemies" are often on the other side of the world far far away from our shores, beholden to the politics of the northern hemisphere. But Australians look after our mates, and even though the US is a crazy one it's still our mate.

Sadly, gov rhetoric doesn't flow through to real life for those who come back from those faraway wars.

I've an older mate from an old old work place years ago. He was the best man at my wife and I's wedding. He'd fought in Vietnam for 9 months years before. He rings me now and then, has had throat cancer and speaks strangely now. He thought he couldn't get a pension because Centrelink told him so. David told him he could as he'd worked as a nurse with many veterans. On instruction he followed through and some weeks later rang over the moon that Veteran's affairs gave him a full pension. 

Why doesn't the gov tell these people what they're entitled to instead of leaving it up to some Centrelink idiot to preach bullshit to them?