Tuesday, 14 June 2016

MSM straightwashing of the Orlando massacre - LGBT erasure in reporting

From the US but I even noticed it here in Australia. For example this little video of the Sydney Harbour Bridge lit rainbow colours on Sky news, the announcer said "Some from the LGBT community" were of the 50 dead. "Some"? Really?
There is of course Turnbull taking three goes before he mentioned that it was LGBT  deaths. Even though it was in a gay nightclub celebrating a gay event.

Surely in this day and age this act of hate should be recognised for what it is; a homophobic religiously inspired attack on the LGBT community, triggered by a man angered by two men in public kissing in front of him and his family.

This hatred isn't new. Indeed long time readers here would know the efforts I've gone to on this blog to point out said hatred, by any religion. Christianity and Muslimism both have their own extremists and neither are immune. We have watched US presidential candidates attend and speak at extremist christian events which demand the death of gays, along with endless rhetoric against gay marriage. 

To deny that this was an attack on us is to deny the sexuality of those killed and the hatred of their sexuality that bought on the attack. 
We as LGBT people spent decades being told that we don't exist or that our lives do not matter. We've been murdered in the streets and incarcerated for trying to live authentically as who we are. When we were dying by the thousands from AIDS in the 1980s and 1990s, those in positions of power turned a blind eye. 

And now, when are are slaughtered in a nightclub -- historically the pinnacle of safe space and community for queer people -- the world is trying to erase us once again. 

Let me say this loud and clear: this was an invasion and massacre of the queer community

If you have trouble understanding the idea of a nightclub as a safe, sacred space, then you've clearly never been made to feel like your love is illegitimate, incorrect and something that should be hidden away from the world. You've clearly never needed a safe space. We always have. 

But we will not hide anymore and we will not allow the media -- or anyone -- to erase what this situation is really about: 49 queer and trans people, mostly of color, slaughtered in their sacred space during the one time of the year when we are supposedly celebrated by the public. 

And if your reporting or conversation is not centered around that idea, then you should do some serious self-reflection. Ask yourself, why am I having trouble accepting that part of the narrative? Why do I so deeply deny that someone could be driven to do something so horrific over an immutable aspect of another's identity? Huffington Post