Tuesday, 14 June 2016

US Republican to give away same gun used in Orlando shooting - "Hog Fest" fundraiser

Andy Holt

In a sign that again, absolutely nothing is going to change in the US over their gun laws, a Republican is having a fundraiser with two guns for the prizes. The same guns used in the Orlando massacre.
A Republican lawmaker from Tennessee is unwavering in his plan to give away AR-15 rifles, the same firearm used in Sunday's deadly attack in Orlando, Florida, as prizes at a fundraiser later this month. 

State Rep. Andy Holt wrote a lengthy post on his Facebook page Monday bashing the media for asking if he'd still give away the same model of semi-automatic rifle used in the mass shooting in Orlando—as well as the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre and in December's terror attack in San Bernardino, California—as a prize at his "Hog Fest" fundraiser on June 25. 

His original plan was to only give away one rifle, but because of the backlash from the media, he'll give away two, according to WSMV. Talking Points