Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Orlando shooter was closeted gay - Pulse club goers

If this is so then I guess the shootings would have been the ultimate projection of inner hatred. Was Omar Mateen gay and unable to come to terms with his sexuality? He was married with a kid, we know that. But there's more to it. Perhaps he was leading a double life? He frequented Pulse a number of times and came on to guys, according to Pulse club goers.
“We didn’t really talk to him a lot, but I remember him saying things about his dad at times,” Smith said. “He told us he had a wife and child.” 

Another Pulse regular, Kevin West, told the Los Angeles Times that Mateen messaged him on and off for a year using a gay chat app. 

And other clubgoers told local media and MSNBC that Mateen had been using multiple gay apps, including Grindr, with mutual acquaintances to “hook up”. 

Jim Van Horn, 71, told the Associated Press that Mateen approached men in the club. “He was trying to pick up people. Men,” he said. “He was a homosexual and he was trying to pick up men. He would walk up to them and then he would maybe put his arm round them or something … That’s what people do at gay bars.” 

“I think it’s possible that he was trying to deal with his inner demons, of trying to get rid of his anger of homosexuality,” said Van Horn. Antimedia
Mind boggling. Did his very conservative religion that he adhered to forbid his sexuality? Is this why he reacted so strongly when he saw two men kissing in front of him and his family, because of his own sexuality that he hated as "wrong"? Did he think that attending Pulse was a lapse in his morality? Did he blame the gays for drawing out his "evil" same sex feelings? 

This is all conjecture of course, but it's a well known fact that those "straight" people who so demonise and hate gays more often than not are gay themselves. You've only got to look at some of the spectacular falls from grace of conservative US preachers being caught with men for example.

If all of the above is true or near true, it is an illustration of the perverse outcomes and guilt of the closet and double life. Cognitive dissonance and mental illness. Religion causing someone to hate themselves so much as to project that self hatred to those around them who cultivated what they viewed as "sinful and wrong". In Omar Mateen's case, to go to the club he attended and shot as many of those cultivators of "evil" as he could.