Thursday, 30 June 2016

Disgusting anti gay marriage add - Australian Christian Lobby

Marriage Alliance iceberg leaflets from ACL video

The comments below the video on YouTube say it all. Including mine BTW.
"Marriage is not for a certain chosen few" it said in the add itself. It contradicts itself saying my partner and I can't be married. What a disgraceful, disgusting and bigoted add.
I note the Australian Christian Lobby is now handing out leaflets produced by that revolting Marriage Alliance, responsible for that ridiculous iceberg add. Note the flyers are the same iceberg add.
There are multiple groups in Australia lobbying against legalising same-sex marriage, but just how connected are they? A video uploaded by the Australian Christian Lobby shows volunteers leafleting with pamphlets that are clearly distributed by the group Marriage Alliance. While the Australian Christian Lobby has existed for years and director Lyle Shelton is no stranger to the media, the Marriage Alliance group launched last year, with little information about who they are, who they represent and how they are funded. Crikey