Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Most "cured" of HIV with herbal medicine are dead - Gambia, Africa (video)

Example, African man says he can cure HIV with herbs
I've had so much spam over the life of this blog from Africa, saying that Dr bla over there can cure HIV with either herbal medicine or spells. As I get notified by Blogger/Google it's nothing for me to decontaminate the blog from this spam by reporting it as such and blocking the culprit's on Google plus. 

It does annoy me though sometimes. Occasionally the blog has been targeted by these scammers, me having to deal with 5 or ten spams a day from them. They must get somebody who bites as why would they keep doing it? Repulsive to use an illness against people like that.

This is a story from Gambia, where most of those who were claimed to be cured have now died of AIDS without anti-retroviral treatment. Just absolutely tragic.