Thursday, 16 March 2017

SA premier sticks it to gov on live telly! - video :)

Weatheril saturation bombs Frydenburg on live TV :)
This is just so good. The frustration of South Australia being demonised by the federal gov over it's embrace of renewables has boiled over on live TV, with a stoush between the Labor SA premier Jay Weatheril and Lieberal energy minister Josh Frydenberg. It wasn't set up, the premier just turned up without the knowledge of the energy minister that he was going to do so.

Frydenberg says his piece and you can just about see the steam coming out of Weatheril's ears, but he remains silent and polite whilst Frydenberg drones on. Then Weatheril gets his turn.

It was Keating-esque. Weatheril doesn't take a breath, saturation bombing Frydenburg as Frydenburg has no choice but to take the drubbing in front of the camera's on live TV.