Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Trumps worst day ever as president - FBI chief says he's lying

Far out. This has to be the quickest and most spectacular fall from grace of any US president surely. 

He's got the worst popularity ratings of a president since polling began some 70 or so years ago. From all reports the White House is lurching from one chaotic disaster to the next, with Trump torpedoing any opportunity to gain ground with his stupid tweets. The most spectacular of course was accusing Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower with no evidence.

The FBI chief has roundly said there's no evidence of it, and it's impossible for a president to do that without other arms of gov approving of it. In essence, the FBI chief called Trump a liar.

But much much worse for Trump is that the FBI has officially stated that it's now investigating links with the Trump campaign and Russia. Watch as Olbermann shows how precise the FBI chief's language was in saying that.

Trump is doomed now without a doubt. All sane media in the US that I've read are ripping him to shreds. He might as well be a lame duck president.