Friday, 31 March 2017

SSJoe gushes praise to Trump gov - Aust. ambassador to US

Maybe he can get together with Cory Bernardi :s  What is it about Washington that makes Lieberals come back to Australia with guns ablazing for Trump?

Yes folks, Smokin Sloppy Joe Hockey (SSJoe) is back in Australia for some thing or other in Canberra. Ugh, I really

liked him not being here. Everything he says is an insult to the intelligence of Australians.

Not to miss an opportunity to offend our sensibilities, he can't even visit here without saying something so completely ridiculous as to leave our collective chins firmly on the floor.

Of course he's well known for his foot in 
mouth tragedies previous to becoming ambassador to the US (after losing Treasurer under Trumbles). Who could forget the "poor people don't drive cars", or the windfarm "blight on the landscape" comments? Or the infamous "the age of entitlement is over" in bringing down the ghastly 2014 budget that still has legislation zombiefied in the senate. After of course he was filmed smoking a cigar, and later it was revealed he was paying off his wife's Canberra house by staying in it and claiming the $270/night staying away from home allowance. The man is a buffoon, and it's no wonder Turnbull didn't keep him on as Treasurer.

But yes, from this man we have SSJoe's dopey view of the new Trump 
administration. I dunno what planet he's been living on over there but very likely it's the same old planet SSJoe that he was on here. A planet of Orwellian psychosis. Thankfully he'll be back in Washington soon.
Australia's ambassador to the US, former treasurer Joe Hockey, has praised the Trump administration as a "practical" and "credible" force that is finding its feet 70days into its four-year term, and called for a halt to "constant" criticism of the White House.

 In his first major speech to an Australian audience since Donald Trump took office, Mr Hockey said the Republican's rise reflected a citizenry that felt "impotent" and heralded "the arrival of disruption into the mainstream of American politics".

 He implored critics to give the unorthodox but "practical" administration a fair go, noted many Americans backed the President's unprecedented attacks on the media, and predicted the failure to repeal Obamacare would not harm Mr Trump.

 "We need to avoid the temptation to become constant critics of the new US administration because it is not a carbon copy of the previous administrations," Mr Hockey told The Sydney Institute on Thursday night. Sydney Morning Herald

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