Tuesday, 7 March 2017

"Why I left Westboro Baptist Church" - Megan Phelps

Megan left the church along with her sister because she found that those who the church demonised were not actually the demons the church made them out to be. She gives a beautiful talk of her journey since leaving, and how she became aware of the kindness that exists in humanity. 

As always it's about communication. Some extremist religious folk would condemn me for being a gay, let alone blame my sexuality for being HIV+. Megan realised that there were contradictions in her religion that saw her hate others whilst supposedly loving them. In the end that conflict became too much for her to remain in the Westboro Baptist Church.

I completely relate. I used to be many years ago part of the United Pentecostal Church. Not as bad but the same sort of fire and brimstone against the evil ones outside the church. Upon leaving I became appreciative that goodness and morality wasn't something imparted by an invisible sky man or a 2,000 year old rule book, it was rather part of humanity itself. Our morality. Our humanity.

Being community is part of human evolution. Kindness to each other is part of who we are. We'd not have survived evolution vs other species had we not stuck together. It's hard nosed ideology, hard nosed religion, that get's in the way of letting us be who we really are. Gets in the way of our humanity. Being ruled by such things is unnatural for us. 

Until we realise all that, until we can get past dogma and hate, it'll be almost impossible for us as a species to relate to our world, our emotions; our humanity.