Sunday, 19 March 2017

Dutton opens the gov festering wound - plebiscite marriage equality (video)

Dutton has continued his rage against those CEO's who dare to use their freedom of speech to support marriage equality. Who dared to assert that equality would be good for business and make Australia more inclusive. Oh the humanity!

For three days now Dutton has been stuck in his hissy fit about it, with no sign of letting up. However dopey Dutton is so brain dead and out of touch with mainstream Australians, he doesn't see what a fool he's making of himself. Dutton the offshore detention bully is now actually claiming that those who speak in support of marriage equality are bullying companies? Stupendously stupid, and voter land knows it.

He carps on about "freedom of speech" but wants to shut down business leaders  who exercise that. Would he be saying the same thing if businesses were coming out against marriage equality? What about church leaders voicing their opinions against it? Nothing said there. One could argue that religions shouldn't get involved in secular politics.

Most spectacular though is that he's forced his party to reiterate their stand on marriage equality; a plebiscite, even though they've removed the funding for it in the forward estimates. Yes folks, that festering sore that died last year in the senate that nobody wanted except the lunar right. That sore that will continue to fester right up to election day as a major issue. The sore that shows the Lieberals incompetence and sheer hard nosed bigotry. Everyone knows it was nothing more than a stalling tactic.

Perhaps that's why Dutton is so frustrated and angry, because he knows they're losing the fight. I would reiterate that IMO the only way to get marriage equality in Australia is to get rid of this gov.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has delivered a blunt and public warning to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull not to waver on same-sex marriage, insisting the government "won't be bullied" and telling the country's business leaders to "stick to their knitting".

 Meanwhile, Liberal MPs who wanted to bring same-sex marriage to a head in the next fortnight of Parliament say their plans have hit a wall, and now concede movement on the issue is unlikely in this half of the year.

 The letter from 20 of the country's chief executives calling on the Turnbull government to legislate for same-sex marriage appears to have backfired, with moderate Liberal MPs labelling it "unhelpful".

In the third successive day of his crusade, Mr Dutton lashed out at social media activists who were "blackmailing" companies by threatening boycotts, and warned the government would not abandon its policy of holding a plebiscite.

 A crowded agenda in the lead-up to the budget, including energy policy and reforms to racial discrimination law, have also slowed momentum for change in the minds of moderate Liberals.

"There is no pathway at this stage," one supportive MP told Fairfax Media. "We're constantly trying to find a way. There isn't the momentum to convince the party room." Sydney Morning Herald
Apparently us gays sit around knitting a lot. I'm gay and I don't know anyone who knits...