Friday, 17 March 2017

Dutton has hissy fit over business support for marriage equality (video)

Just in case we had any doubts about Lieberals opposing marriage equality because of their own bigotry, Peter Dutton has well and truly confirmed it. He has gone on a tirade against large businesses that are in support of marriage equality.

Businesses had sent a letter to Trumbles saying that marriage equality would lead to a stronger economy and more inclusive Australia. So Dutton spat the dummy mightily on the radio over it.

But according to Dutton, these snobby CEOs should keep their noses out of social affairs and “fringe issues” like, y’know, basic civil rights.

 “If they want to run for politics, well resign from their position, stick their hand up at the next election, but don’t jam your politically correct views down our throats,” he told host Ray Hadley. “It’s high time these people pulled back from these moralistic stances and we’d be a better society without them.”

 “Here’s a suggestion for Telstra: instead of getting caught up spending your investors’ money, your shareholders’ money, on all these political causes, what about tidying up your own backyard first and providing a proper standard of care to your customers?” he added. “Frankly this is a debate that is worth having, because the customers are missing out, and the service is inferior. It needs to be addressed.” Junkee
Political? I keep saying that this is why we don't have marriage equality as the gov has politicised it. This isn't a political issue, it's a human one. There are conservative gays along with leftie gays. It's a human rights issue, and should never have become a political football in the chase for votes.