Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Gov channels Bill Leak wanting to change racial vilification laws (video)

Turnbull mentioned Bill Leak 3 times during this presser, the gov putting forward changes to the racial discrimination act. I doubt it will ever get through the senate. I'd say it's another lunar right pipe dream that will never see the light of day. It's only because Trumbles needs the far right to keep being PM that he's doing their biding.

He reckons the proposed changed will be better for all, I guess just like the internet was going to be faster and sooner...  In truth the law is about making it easier for far right nutters raving about free speech to have a go at minorities.

This isn't going to go down well with the most multi-cultural country on earth. Especially as many immigrants reside in Lieberal marginal seats.

It's about protecting their bigotry. There's hardly any prosecutions under the present laws, but their dear Andrew Bolt has been convicted, and the infamous Bill Leak they reckon was "hounded to his grave" by the laws.

Why they're even bothering with this is beyond many Australians. As one of the questioners asked, why not have a plebiscite over it? Most people see many more important things to deal with than this. Why is this such an issue?

I'd quote Brandis the other year, when he said in parliament back in 2014 that people "have a right to be bigots". He doesn't want bigotry to come afoul of Australian law, even when it's on the public stage. Repulsive.