Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Cats cats cats! (pics)

Natasha watching birds in the afternoon sun out the back door
The kittens (Cloe and Casper) are growing fast and even the old cat Natasha is liking them now. 

We're still getting used to having 4 cats. Yesterday I opened the curtains in our bedroom and the morning sun was streaming in. It's still warm in Sydney, in the mid 20'sC and not cold at all over night. I lay down after taking all my pills. 

First Zac bounded in like he does and sat on top of the air conditioner in front of the open window, watching the passing traffic and birds. Next came kitten Cloe who jumped on top of the windowsill watching outside, almost imitating Zac. Then came kitten Casper who went to the sun on the floor. Lastly Natasha came in onto the bed next to me in the sun and lay down on the fluffy pink woolen blanket (cat heaven). I was surrounded :s

Zac has developed sort of a cat strut now. He's taken on the role of daddy cat to the kittens I think. Proud father sort of thing. He  looks out for them too. If one meows upset about something he's right there to make sure they're OK 💓

Casper loves my PC chair
Cloe has her tongue out for this pic. "Yum, cat food!"