Friday, 31 March 2017

No postal plebiscite! - tell the politicians

Tell the politicians no to a postal vote here

Oh FFS, what a stupid idea. The latest brainwave out of the gov to further delay marriage equality is to have a postal vote on it via snail mail. Seriously, they want to rely on Australia post to decide our human rights.

Not only that, they want to rely on Australians actually bothering to send a letter through the mail as it would be non-compulsory. When was the last time you sent an actual snail mail letter? It's a rarity these days. Such a hassle to have to physically do that, and go to a mail box. That alone  skews the results to come from older people rather than pretty much anyone under 50. How is that democracy even?

It's just another delaying tactic by the gov to make it as hard as they possibly can for us to get married. The whole issue could be resolved tomorrow if Turnbull allowed a parliamentary free vote.

Tell the gov in Canberra no to Dutton's ridiculous idea of a postal plebiscite, and for Turnbull to pull his finger out and allow a free vote here.

In 2016 the LGBTI community said “no” to Plebiscite Mark I.

 Our concern was that such a high profile and unnecessary public debate would have an adverse impact on the mental health of vulnerable LGBTI people, especially young people.

 This concern ran so deep 85% of LGBTI Australians said they would rather wait for marriage equality than achieve it through a plebiscite.

 The broader community also said “no” to a plebiscite because of concern about the cost and the fact politicians could ignore the result.

 Plebiscite Mark II may reduce the financial cost of a plebiscite but the human cost would remain, as would the fact politicians are outsourcing their jobs.

 Regardless of the model, a plebiscite does not mean more power to the people, but an abdication of responsibility by politicians.

 It is the coward’s way out.

 Plebiscite Mark I was rightly defeated in the Senate by Labor, the Greens and the cross-bench.

 If Plebiscite Mark II is to be defeated it will be in the Liberal Party itself, and by the combined voice of millions of Australians who are tired of politicians playing games with the rights and lives of LGBTI people. Rodney Croome, Same Same