Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Bizarre Bible Society video on marriage equality - bought to you by Coopers beer :s

*Update: Pubs boycott Coopers beer. Canberra Times.

I have no idea why Coopers light beer would have anything to do with celebrating 200 years of the bloody Bible society FFS. But never the less they have, bringing out even commemorative Bible Society beers (see above).

In this video they have two MP's from the gov supposedly presenting a light look at marriage equality and balanced opposing views. In fact all they do is trot out the same old gov talking points, complete with subtle allegations of the LGBT being mean to the poor dear christians. Apparently calling out christian bigotry and prejudice isn't being congenial enough and we should be coming to a middle ground with them. 

If there's anything worth being uncompromising about it's standing up to bigotry. 

It’s also hard to have problems with giving a charity who support bible donations. There are a lot of great things in the bible and no doubt it’s helped a lot of people – but on the other hand a lot of it is misused to discriminate. And the more I looked at the Bible Society and connected groups Eternity News and the Centre For Public Christianity, a theme arose around gay marriage.

 They are painting themselves as martyrs in the debate. Their websites all host a lot of anti-gay marriage opinion that is portrayed as “we need to all have a civil discussion. Stop being so mean to us because we want to discriminate”. They don’t like their discrimination being called literally what it is, discrimination. Ale of a Time
'Keeping it light' from Bible Society Australia on Vimeo.

*Update: Coopers has apologised and now supports marriage equality :)