Sunday, 5 March 2017

David got two more kittens - good grief :s


He was only going to take one but then the people concerned convinced him to take another one. A boy and a girl. The one on the left is the boy, named Casper. The right one is the girl named Cloe. We now have four cats FFS!

I guess I've got no choice but to get used to the idea. Told him and told him I didn't want four cats in the house, but what can you do? Although a neighbour might take Cloe.

Natasha the 14 year old is surprisingly cool about it all. Like "meh, I'm old, who cares?" Zac however has his nose a bit out of joint.

Told David he's going to have to step up and help the kittens to integrate into the house, and that he needs to realise this is going to cost extra money in cat food and litter.