Friday, 17 March 2017

Make a submission - robodebt senate inquiry

GetUp has a web page set up for people to make a submission to the senate inquiry into the robodebt debacle. This is a chance for all to tell their story of their experience with Centrelink.

After the testimony from the Centrelink secretary supporting robodebt and blaming clients and media for the problems, I'm sure such submissions by robodebt victims would be very useful.

You can also lodge directly to the parliamentary submissions site here.

From the email:
There's no doubt about it – the Turnbull Government debt threat debacle has been an utter disaster from day one. 

 That's why GetUp members have leapt to action, providing immediate relief to people through our community-funded appeal tool, FraudStop. All the while, we're investigating legal options to challenge this renegade system in the courts. 

 But right now, we need to pile on the political pressure. We'll stand alongside pensioners, jobseekers, people living with disabilities and single parents, all targeted by this nasty government misfire. 

 The Senate especially wants to hear from everyday Australians about their experience of the system, and the impact it has had on them and their family. Make your submission here