Monday, 28 November 2016

Trumps crazy christians thank him for saving the US - by "speaking in tongues"

Pastor John Kilpatrick thanks God for defeating Hillary Clinton

Nazi christian propaganda 

If you were in any doubt about how nuts Trump followers are, this will leave you convinced that they're not only nuts, but deeply nuts.

You see this congregation has associated god with Trump, for re-establishing their freedom, whatever the fuck that is. Apparently in the most crazy christian land on earth they were being "persecuted" by not being able to use their religion to discrimi8nate against minorities? Particularly the LGBT? It appears now that with Trump they feel they have a new licence to hate, as christian maniacs are very good at that you know. To say what they like about us, to discriminate against us willy nilly. 

I say "us" because the LGBT are an international community without borders. Perhaps Australia should offer them asylum from religious fascism? But alas with our present gov they'd probably end up on Nauru, especially if they're brown :s

But I digress.
Catholic priests WW2

Seriously now, this shit is fuckin scary. The Nazi's thought they were christians, went to church and all, and surely we can't forget how the Catholic church was so supportive of them. They gave the Nazi salute as well.

Now we have a church in the US preaching that god's prescience in the church is because Trump is now the leader. What's more we have nationalism aplenty. I don't understand why there would be a US flag in a church unless it was to do with US exceptionalism; the ultimate arrogance against the world and anyone not US. It's been bad enough over the decades as it is, but to add god to the exceptionalism and to praise Trump for it?

Add to that Trump continues appointments of far right nut jobs, and the equation is complete. There are all the ingredients of a fascist regime.