Saturday, 5 November 2016

Man wears shirt saying he will kill gays - Canada

Where the fuck is somebody's head at to wear a T-shirt threatening to kill any gay person who comes near him? What's more he can't even spell - "approch" FFS.

In any case it looks like he's breached the hate speech laws over there. Unlike the US where preachers can demand gays be killed and get away with it.
A Canadian man who is part of a group called ATG (Anti-Gay) has defended a t-shirt he wore which threatens to kill gay people. 

18-year-old Ottawa native Julien ClĂ©ment, who says he is not homophobic because he is “not scared of them,” was seen wearing the t-shirt at Saunders Farm last weekend. 

“If you’re gay,” advised the t-shirt, “don’t approch [sic] me, I’ll kill you.” Whitney Martin, who took a photo of the t-shirt, said: 

“It’s hate speech in writing. It’s threatening to kill someone because of their sexual orientation. It’s not okay. 

“We all have the right to free speech and to express our opinion, but that right doesn’t allow us or protect us from threatening a group of people or promoting hatred against this specific group.” Towleroad