Wednesday, 30 November 2016

FOX host chucks hissy fit - ex Mexico pres likens Trump to Castro (behind the wall files)

The US just doesn't get it. Here we have the so called US "free press" (albeit FOX) censoring the ex president of Mexico who likened Trump to Castro. Well people are likening him to the rise of Hitler's fascism, why not Castro?

The interviewer actually asked this guy to "take it back", like it was a terrible "beyond the pail" thing to say. Absolutely childish and unprofessional, but it does show the propaganda influence Trump has over society over there.

The ex president doubled down and insisted that Trump was like Castro, prompting the FOX host to cut him off and give a little editorial opinion about Trump at the end.

Yes folks, this is the view behind the wall.... She has US propaganda, he has actual experience.


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