Saturday, 19 November 2016

Online Trump-ets are angry, arrogant, screaming assholes - me

Well Trump-ets, David and I have had enough of you lot. Our online experience of the ignorant fascist bullshit coming out of the US now via you is appalling, only you lot are just too stupid to even vaguely realise any such thing.

You're going hysterical about a coffee shop supposedly discriminating against whites FFS. You get online and preach US arrogance to the rest of the world; like we're actually going to listen to your delusions. Like by pissing us off with your dumbfuckistan idiocy we're all going to follow you like you're the pied piper. 

You're in for a shock dumfuckistan.

Us sane people, you know those ones on the planet who aren't so stupid as to fall for old fashioned fascism like it's suddenly the new thing on the block, are watching you from afar with a mixture of uncontrollable laughter at how dumb you Trump-ets are, and abject horror that your Trump is a rank amateur. Needless to say none of us consider him capable of leading the free world. He's an incompetent baboon who will destroy your country and what's left of it's reputation in the world.

Yes, David and I are still blocking. The Trump phenomenon makes us both sick to the core. Personally my own father fought in WW2, I can't now believe you America have fallen for the fascism trap. The racist, hating, nationalistic trap that makes "American Exceptionalism" look like a kindergarten playground. You've fucked yourselves royally. 

Don't expect us to follow you the Trump-ets blindly to oblivion. Don't expect us to care what you think or in any way take you as people seriously capable of intelligence. When I look at the regular US blogs I read it's just one post after another of bad bad bad bad.... It's almost too depressing to even look at the headings, let alone the story.

Oh yes, I'm sure if any Trump-ets read this they'd likely tell me something like "get fucked then we don't need you". Well unfortunately you do. We have been the closest of allies over many decades, and all the soft power that has led from that. You need Pine Gap to triangulate and target your drones and bombs. 

The ultimate absurdity is that now Trump wants to charge us for that.... Oh just fuck off.....