Monday, 28 November 2016

LGBT rage at Lieberal denigration of us - 2016 ends with death of 13yr old gay

Tyrone laid to rest
Update: Sign petition from a mother of two boys who went to primary school with Tyrone in support of Safe Schools.

We never asked for our lives to be politicised, used by politicians to advance their careers. Never asked for the hatred to be spewed from the Canberra Lieberal party this year as an excuse to vote on whether we should be equal or not. Not for the venom in particular that came from the anti-Safe Schools lobbyists. We never asked for a plebiscite. For the most vile and extremist christian views to be espoused publicly by politicians supposed to be leading the country.

Tyrone Unsworth never asked for it either. The year ends with a young LGBT killing themselves. Hate has it's price, especially for the young and vulnerable. Imagine if the plebiscite was still going forward...

We deserve more than this from our politicians, so caught up in their own political and religious brainwashing that they see us as pawns in the big game, not people. The sight of Brandis in parliament when the plebiscite was defeated, blaming us for politicising marriage equality, was truly one of the sickest moments I've ever witnessed come out of the place. 

Again; Christensen, Bernadi, Australian Christian Lobby, and the rest, are you happy now?
Politicians, the media and anti-LGBTI campaigners spent the final year of Tyrone’s life saying that gay people should be grateful to have our rights put to a popular vote. 

Had it not been for an exhausting, emotionally laborious and ultimately successful community campaign, Australia would soon be forced to a national plebiscite on the worthiness of LGBTIQ people’s relationships. 

Why should parents offer unwavering acceptance when their child comes out, when the government was about to hold a $200 million national vote on whether to accept LGBTIQ people as equal? How could a kid not feel scared and self-loathsome when the identity they’re discovering is considered so controversial that the Coalition can’t legislate for our right to marry for fear of losing government? 

How can an LGBTIQ teenager feel safe in this country when someone like Lyle Shelton from the fringe group the Australian Christian Lobby is repeatedly given primetime TV slots, even though the views he holds represent a tiny minority of Australia? 

Politicians, the media and anti-LGBTI campaigners spent the final year of Tyrone’s life distributing homophobic leaflets, likening us to Nazis, threatening to quit their job as an MP unless marriage discrimination was upheld, making jokes about “tr*nnies” on morning TV, depicting our existence as a rainbow noose, trying to give $7.5 million taxpayer dollars to hate groups, using parliamentary privilege to vilify us, posing for a photo at Mardi Gras two days before overhauling a program designed to help school kids who were being bullied for their sexuality. Junkee  

Both Bill Leak's cartoon and the ACL's Lyle Shelton likened gays to Nazi's this year