Monday, 14 November 2016

ACL behind conservative Chinese Australian push against Safe Schools

Leaflet given out by conservative Chinese Australians
Christian ignorance and hate at it's finest
More love from the christians.....

There's been a recent push in Victoria to stop the Safe Schools program there. Conservative Chinese had presented a 5,000 signature petition against it to the Victorian parliament. The DLP (Democratic Labour Party - an ultra right wing religious type outfit full of nutters) introduced a bill to end Safe Schools, which was summarily defeated in a short time.

As it turns out, the dreadful Australian Christian Lobby has it's grubby christian hands all over this so called push by conservative Chinese Australians to preserve their "culture" from the evil gays. As the above leaflet from them shows. Which is absurd because gays exist in all societies.
Peter Chung, co-convenor of the Asian Australian Rainbow Alliance, told BuzzFeed News the people behind the petition represented a minority of the Asian Australian community. 

“A lot of them are probably affiliated with the Christian community, and I think it’s more of a religious push against the program than a racial issue,” he said. 

Xie said he and other anti-Safe Schools activists are currently coordinating with other ethnic and religious groups, including the Australian Christian Lobby. 

Chung said it was wrong to characterise the Safe Schools program as antithetical to the Chinese community. 

“The LGBTI community exists in all cultures and all societies, not just Western societies. You can’t say the LGBTI community doesn’t exist in Asia, or is not part of their traditional cultures,” he said. Buzzfeed