Friday, 11 November 2016

Bill Shorten says to stand up for our values in US alliance

The Emperor has no clothes

Turnbull sucking up to Trump
Opposition leader Bill Shorten has (incredibly) broken ranks with the Australian traditional gov view of our alliance with the US. He pronounces that a Labor gov wouldn't follow the US blindly but stand up for our Australian values. 

He will find a lot of support here by average Australians with that view. He speaks for the great majority of us who have long been bewildered and angry at the way our gov's suck up to the US on every occasion no matter how stupid the Yanks are.

He goes on to give examples of Trump's behaviour during the campaign. No reasonable person could argue with that.

For one of the two major political parties to come out with these views is historic. It signals a major change in Australian/US relations, particularly in relation to our alliance with the US. I've said this all along if Trump would win; that he would alienate even the closest of US allies.