Monday, 21 November 2016

Message from a Bi Latino responding to Trump's win - The Wolfe's Den (Video)

Here we have the first intro video in a series by a Latino bisexual woman in the US, in response to the Trump win for president.

You know I'm so angry with dumbfuckistan US that voted in Trump I very nearly just purged myself from even following the politics over there any more. Strange thing to do for someone who lives in Australia being such a close ally. But after the plebiscite debate here and now what minorities are facing in the US it just seemed all too outrageous and depressing to even bother.

However the US is a very big country, and there's people popping up all over the place reacting to the Trump win. In this video we go back to the thing that always works; it's been shown over and over that personal experiences told by the LGBT are a powerful story to change people's minds in favour of us. In such cases once their minds are changed they never go back.

Good on you darl, count me as a new follower. I'll post your Vlogs from down under in support. I have a lot of US people reading :)

BTW we still don't have marriage equality in Australia because the conservative gov can't bring itself to give the party a free conscience vote in our parliament. We have the majority if they did so.