Tuesday, 22 November 2016

African states fail to block UN world LGBT rights investigator

Africa must be just about the most homophobic continent on earth. Recently the United Nations set up a new position, appointing Vitit Muntarbhorn of Thailand to spend three years investigating abuses of LGBT human rights around the world. But the homophobic African states went into much aghastness and proceeded to have a hissy fit about it all, calling for the position to be abolished as according to them abuses against LGBT shouldn't be linked to human rights abuses. I kid you not.

It's taken a full meeting by the whole UN general assembly that deals with human rights to sort it all out, with the African states proposal going down in flames 84/77 as the general assembly adopted some ammendment which fucked over the African proposal big time. 

I must point out again that the reason why African states are so homophobic is because of fundamentalist christian missionaries from the US going over there and stirring up huge hatred against us.

I might also say that the African states can see the writing on the wall and will be called out by the UN in future over it's abuses of LGBT human rights within those states.
The 47-member UN Human Rights Council, based in Geneva, created the position in June and in September appointed Vitit Muntarbhorn of Thailand, who has a three-year mandate to investigate abuses against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people. 

In an unusual move, African states put forward a draft resolution in the 193-member UN general assembly third committee, which deals with human rights, calling for consultations on the legality of the creation of the mandate. They said the work of the investigator should be suspended. 

However, western countries successfully proposed an amendment that gutted the African group draft resolution. The amendment was adopted in the third committee on Monday with 84 votes in favor, 77 against and 17 abstentions. 

The amended draft resolution, which makes no change to the work of the gay rights investigator, was then adopted by the third committee with 94 votes in favor, three against and 80 abstentions. 

Russia and Egypt, speaking on behalf of the 57-member Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, said they would not recognize the mandate of the gay rights investigator and would not cooperate with Muntarbhorn. Britain urged all countries to cooperate with the investigator. 

Being gay is a crime in at least 73 countries, the UN has said. The issue of gay rights consistently sparks heated debate at the United Nations. The Guardian