Monday, 7 November 2016

Senate to vote on plebiscite this week - remind the pollies no

People have been working hard to convince the unrepresentative swill in Canberra to vote down the plebiscite in the senate. The numbers are tight but it's looking like the plebiscite will be defeated by about 4 votes according to Australian Marriage Equality's Alex Greenwich.

However anything could happen in this senate and complacency shouldn't be a thing when dealing with it. You can send an email via the PFLAG webform against the plebiscite here. It's got over 400,000 emails sent so far and sends a powerful message to the politicians. 
The plebiscite has passed though the Lower House and now the Senate is all that stands between us and a hurtful, expensive, divisive and unnecessary plebiscite that isn’t even legally binding. Please send a message to Senators from your state asking them to vote down the plebiscite. PFLG webform