Thursday, 3 November 2016

Clinton remains leading over Trump 47.1/45.3 - Bludgertrack (Australia)

With just days to go now, Clinton still remains ahead of Trump in the Bludgertrack poll aggregate. 

It's actually not unusual I suppose for the polls to tighten up on election day, but Trump? Seriously?  I can't believe how close the US is coming to self immolation. That's the only word I could use to describe the US electing Trump as their leader.

Needless to say the world is watching on closely with much aghastness at the possible train wreck unfolding in front of their eyes. A Trump presidency would have huge implications for US alliances around the world, let alone any country Trump decides is an enemy.
Another two days’ worth of national opinion polls has Hillary Clinton down 0.3% to 47.1% and Donald Trump up by the same amount to 45.3%, while the state-level results produce no change to a situation that credits Clinton with the barest of victories in the electoral college, by 272 votes to 266. However, as the table below shows, this factors in wins for Trump by the barest of margins in Florida and North Carolina, with other particularly tight results including Clinton’s lead in Colorado and Trump’s lead in Nevada. Poll Bludger