Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Great Bathroom Panic hate graphic posted by some ESPN guy - US

Wonderful isn't it. At least this nutter highlights the absurdity of the idiots raving on about taking a piss. Here we have the GBP in all it's glory :) 

Some guy can declare from his armchair that he knows more than the latest medical and psychological treatments for the LGBT? Has this guy even met a transgender person? 

Does he even know that the person he posted in the vile facebook thing obviously isn't a transgender but some kind of terrible cross dresser? *shudders*  Why oh why do these people think they know it all about such delicate issues as this?

BTW, WTF is "ESPN" :s  Some crappy thing on the other side of the world that northern hemisphere'ians watch I expect.....

Hi, I'm a raving lunatic ESPN person of the northern hemisphere