Saturday, 23 April 2016

GetUp targets Lieberal far right extremists Team Abbott - election 2016

They're exactly right in this. The gov is currently being run by Team Abbott extremism from the back benches, holding Turnbull over a barrel by threatening to withdraw support for his position as prime minister.

These are the truly unrepresentative swill of Canberra. Those who intervened in the Safe Schools program for the LGBT, those who oppose marriage equality, and those who think coal is good for humanity. The core bunch of white Catholic bitter middle aged men who are holding Australia back from it's progressive nature. Without these idiots holding us back I'd consider the flood gates would open as pent up frustration by Australians finally moves things forward.
GetUp is gunning for the Abbott “resistance” – the Coalition conservatives it sees as the biggest impediments to those policies it wants to change the most. It’s a new take on the large-scale grassroots campaigns that will shape the result of the looming federal election away from the glare of the leaders’ campaign trails and the headline national polls. 

Unlike its previous election interventions, the online campaigning community with a membership of more than 1m is no longer targeting the seats with the most knife-edge margins but rather Coalition seats with reasonably thin margins that are also held by MPs they regard as “hard right wingers holding back progress on our key issues”. 

The “right wingers” in its sights include Andrew Nikolic (Bass, margin 4%). Nikolic is the loyal Abbott backer who texted Malcolm Turnbull shortly before last year’s leadership change demanding he disavow any intention of a challenge and publicly complained when Turnbull removed Peter Dutton from the national security committee of cabinet; Michael Sukkar in Deakin (margin 3.2%) – a young MP strongly opposed to marriage equality and among those in Abbott’s monkey-pod lunch group (named after the room in which they meet and its table made of monkey-pod tree timber); the immigration minister, Peter Dutton, in Dickson (margin 6.7%); and Dutton’s former chief of staff, Trevor Evans, the Liberal candidate in Brisbane (margin 4.3%). 

It will add several other seats, probably including the South Australian seat of Mayo (margin 12.5%, held by the former minister Jamie Briggs) and Dawson in central Queensland (margin 7.6%, held by National George Christensen, who led the opposition to the Safe Schools program and is a strong advocate for the Galilee Basin coalmines). The Guardian