Monday, 18 April 2016

Senate votes ABCC down for 2nd time - 2nd of July election expected

It's on!

The senate has voted down the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) legislation for the second time, and Turnbull is expected to dissolve both the upper and lower houses of parliament in calling a double dissolution election. Expected for July 2nd.

Going to an election to try and bring in again the Howard Stalinist ABCC over the building industry, after Labor had repealed it, is strange indeed. The gov is in a weak position at the moment on the downward poll spiral, and to launch an election declaring war on Australia's union movement is both stupid, and some would say suicidal. 

The last election fought on industrial relations was under John Howard and his WorkChoices, which saw the Howard gov swept from office and Howard lose his seat in parliament to a novice. Who could forget the union campaign against the Howard gov that nailed his fate?

But there are also a myriad  of other issues at the forefront of people's minds as well, even without the ABCC. Global warming and the fact that the Abbott/Turnbull gov has been the one to repeal the carbon tax. Corporate donations and political corruption. Marriage equality. The National Broadband Network. Corporate tax avoidance. The targeting of the sick and old to balance the federal budget. Superannuation tax concessions to the well off costing the country $billions. Targeting penalty rates of the lowest paid workers. Negative gearing that puts property in the hands of speculative investors. The demise of car manufacturing in Australia. Coal mines in prime farmland. Coal mines next to the Great Barrier Reef. "Coal is good for humanity". And more.....

And he wants to make the election about the ABCC?