Thursday, 14 April 2016

Hate pastor muscles up to LGBT love - New York

Manning is of course well known online for his vitriolic rants against the LGBT. Something BTW that here in Australia he'd be in the courts charged with hate speech offences. The New York LGBT community has however responded in their own way.

Pastor Manning doesn't appear to think churches have to pay the water bill. Which he hasn't paid for zonks. Now the city of NY is using that to force him out and put the church up for sale, much to Manning's displeasure in itself, and which he's strongly fighting.

That's not the end of it though. The LGBT community there is planning on purchasing the site and making it a place for homeless LGBT youth, who are hugely over represented in the homeless statistics compared to the actual percentage of the overall population. Mostly the reason they find themselves homeless is because of christian hate. Hate which has found it's most extreme in this building under Manning.

In short, it's a profound statement from the LGBT community there. To turn a place of sheer hatred against them to a place of help and love. What a stark contrast between the hate coming from christians and the love from the LGBT community. Makes one feel proud doesn't it to be LGBT :)