Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Turnbulls disaster interview 7:30 report, ABC - election 2016 (video)

OMG. I keep asking can it get any worse for the Lieberals? Thinking obviously that it can't. And then it does.

So Turnbull gets on the national broadcaster the ABC's 7:30 report last night with the idea of preaching to us all about how exciting it is to be a property investor in Australia with the market distorting negative gearing left alone. I didn't see the whole interview last night, but the snippet was enough:
Again.... Oh...... My....... God......... Yes folks, it just got worse for the Lieberals. Much much worse...... 

This is up there with SSJoe's "Poor people don't drive cars", or his condescending and patronising instructions  on how to buy a property saying "get a good job". In this case, Turnbull pretty much says "Poor people don't have investment properties".

Turnbull has shown to all of Australia that he's no different. Living the high life, he hasn't the faintest idea what it's like to struggle to pay basic living costs to keep a roof over your head, or eat. He's about the 1million Australians with investment properties vs 22million Australians without. 

I do wonder when I see such a mind blowingly fuck up of a train wreck interview as this, could this be a moment in the election that seriously loses it for the Lieberals? Like Hewson's disastrous birthday cake interview? We shall see, but this can't be described in any positive way.

It ties in with all the corruption issues, and one rule for the Canberra crowd and another for everyone else. They get to pay off a Canberra home with their staying away from home allowance FFS, whilst they live in the place. It paints the picture of pollies with their snouts in the trough, pushing away everyone else who gets anywhere near it.

Turnbull has painted himself into a corner now, with now way out. Many Australians dumbstruck and angry at his true Lieberal colours now expossed in the glaring spotlight of an election. 

Update: A much fuller video of the negative gearing Turnbull train wreck: