Saturday, 30 April 2016

56% of Australian lemings are "satisfied" with Australia's tax and equity - poll ANU

Australian National University poll: Tax and Equity in Australia

Polling by the Australian National University says that 56% of Australians are either satisfied, or very satisfied, with Australian taxation and equity.

Who are these strange brain dead lemmings? Mindless fools going about their lives and meekly accepting their lot as serfs whilst the corporate world rules over them? This is just the way the oligarchs like it. Entertain the pawns with footy, phones and telly. Give them a few crumbs to argue over in their town squares, whilst they get away with living a life of obscene luxury and wealth.

Actually, it may not be as entirely bad as it looks. Take the top 20-30% of earners for example. They'd be extremely happy at the moment with current tax and equity arrangements. Investing offshore to minimise tax, parking money in superannuation to get taxed less on it, negative gearing a few properties, all at the cost to gov revenue. Yes, I imagine they'd be very happy with current arrangements.

Conversely 35% of people are dissatisfied, or very dissatisfied. Considering that Australia prides itself as a fair socially equitable nation, I think that figure is quite high