Monday, 25 April 2016

NSW young Lieberal compares gays to incest - defended by gov MP Kevin Connolly

NSW MP Kevin Connolly (right) with premier Mike Baird.
Edwin Nelson (right)
New South Wales gov minister Kevin Connolly has defended one of his staffers for comparing gay marriage to incest on Facebook, quotes as in the above photo, in the Rouse Hill Courier local paper. 

His staffer, Young Lieberal Edwin Nelson started a Facebook furor before deleting his account, comparing gay marriage to sex between a brother and sister.
In the post, Mr Nelson wrote: “A quick question to my left wing friends out it wrong for two homosexual men who are brothers to sleep with each other?” 

He went on to write “if you answer no, then what would you say to two brothers and sisters sleeping with each other (sic)”. 

Before the Facebook post was deleted, Mr Nelson defended the status in several comments. 

“Homosexuality can have detrimental effects on others when they choose to adopt children,” he said in one of the comments. 

“The argument for homosexual marriage are the same as for homosexual incestuous marriage,” another comment stated. Rouse Hill Courier