Friday, 22 April 2016

Neighbour bigot situation at an end :)

Wow, these people turned in to a couple of real assholes. Closet bigots. Far out, and you think you know someone.....

Called the cops on us again last night over a nothing. Cops were pretty pissed off about having their time wasted. I answered the front door an said "not again!" 

Anyway, I'd had nothing to do with them before David moved in. As David has a very outgoing and engaging personality he got to know them, otherwise to this day I'd have not spoken much to them at all. So David and I have agreed to go back to that. Simply not have anything more to do with the assholes. Situation diffused.

They're not the first bigots we've come across and they won't be the last. Why get all uptight about it? Just leave them to their own world of darkness and hate and live our own lives. Their loss not ours :)