Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Stephen Colbert apologises to Australia - Colbert's dog day afternoon (video)

It's just so much fun this War On Terrier!  We have this unique interaction online between two friendly countries both taking the piss out  of each other. With the world being able to see it online. Hilarious!

So anyway we had Depp and his wife Heard giving this dead pan apology to the magistrate over Heard smuggling the two outlaw dogs into Australia to see their father being a pirate (of the Caribbean). Heard let off with a slap on the wrist nothing as the media hoopla the magistrate decided was plenty punishment in itself I guess.

Now the news and the dead pan video of the great star Johnny Depp and Heard has ended up online and people in the us paparazzi are starting to have a field day with it. I think over there the appeal is it's lack of anything other than line reading?