Friday, 29 April 2016

Bigot neighbour just crashed into the washing line - Karma aplenty (pics)

Far out! When Karma strikes it really strikes! Ha ha ha ha.....

So........ The bigot neighbours nextdoor that told us we were "those people" over various things, one of them being the carspace that is ours and paid for by us, that we let them use when they bought a car as we don't have one. We gave up arguing about it to keep the peace and wanted nothing more to do with it.

Well.......  Today he's trying to back out of the space, and honestly he just can't drive. I wasn't watching but I heard a bump, David is at the door giving a commentary, and he'd backed into the wall of the units across the driveway, leaving a scrape on the corner of his bumper. Thus:

He then went forward from the wall, still trying to get out and drive off (watch out road people!) and I heard another bump. David said he's hit the washing line. I go and look and it's completely over touching the ground, leaving a dent on the front and knocking off the P-plate onto the grass. Thus (just after his wife pushed it up off the ground):

How fuckin ironically Karma :)  They kicked up a big stink with the real estate about being able to park there in our space, taking photos of it and all, and he can't even back out of the thing. Ha ha ha ha......  

Thank you universe :) 

He left the car abandoned on the lawn as above and gave up, going back inside. I've sent pictures to the real estate requesting a fixit man to come and repair the washing line. The real estate may now charge them for the job :)

*Update: A friend of their has just come around and parked the car correctly on the concrete and off the grass. Good grief, how did this guy get his licence?