Friday, 29 April 2016

20yr anniversary Port Arthur massacre - Australia's last gun massacre

Let's hope it stays our last massacre too.

Services were held to mark the 20th anniversary yesterday of 35 people being gunned down by loony Martin Bryant. The main one being at Port Arthur itself. I note that John Howard attended, who instigated the gun buy back scheme and tough new laws to restrict nutters in Australia from ever getting their hands on a gun again.

It was in response to massive community horror, shock, anger and protest as to how this man was able to get hold of the weaponry he had in the first place. I remember being very affected by what happened.

Today we also mark 20years in Australia since our last gun massacre. Again, let's hope it stays that way. 
Australian opera singer Amelia Farrugia, who was at Port Arthur on the day and missed the gunman’s attack in the Broad Arrow Cafe by minutes, performed Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Pie Jesu. 

A minute’s silence was held at the end of the ceremony, marking the time the massacre began. 

After a morning of gentle rain, the sun broke through as the service wound up. 

The day was also marked with ceremonies in Melbourne and at St David’s Cathedral in Hobart where bells tolled 35 times and 35 candles were lit to remember the lives lost. The New Daily