Friday, 15 April 2016

Cerebal Palsy sufferer denied the Disability Support Pension - Australia

This is the sort of disgusting penny pinching the Lieberals are on about. Denying people who need the DSP over some bullshit technicality so they can save a few dollars in Canberra. No thought for the human suffering this creates.

No thought either about the corporations not paying tax! No, gotta go after the disabled and get them to pick up the slack for the bottom line. Welcome to life with the Lieberals. Disgusting.

I heard on the grapevine some time ago that the DSP eligibility has been so tightened up (that happened under the Gillard gov BTW not long before I was granted it) that about 75% of all DSP claims now are rejected.

I don't see the Lieberals showing any compassion about it though. They're still trying to get us DSP'ers to pay for blood tests and the doctor FFS.