Tuesday, 26 April 2016

People are actually rallying to support Great Bathroom Panic law - US

This is going to look even more stupid, ignorant, bigoted, and just plain crazy in a few years time. Unbelievably, incredulously, a large group of people have actually attended a rally in North Carolina, US, to support the Great Bathroom Panic (GBP) sweeping the USA right now. 

Even though if anyone has half a brain and can be bothered to look in to the issue at all, the GBP is nothing more than a law looking for a non-existent problem. To see such a large turnout as this at the mere suggestion that the GBP may come to an end with the democrats working towards it, says a lot about sheeple.

Do these people realise how utterly dimwitted they appear to the rest of the world? How embarrissing for this US this is, as it paints a picture of a population (in North Carolina at least) that is brain dead. Worrying about the toilets when they've become serfs to the corporate oligarchs :s